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Submitted on
February 3, 2013


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HS Valentine's Headshot Show - CHECK YOUR ENTRIES

Journal Entry: Sun Feb 3, 2013, 10:21 AM

Okay guys, the show is officially closed!
I've now weeded through my notes and added all the entries to the entry journals. Please double check that your entries are there and the information is correct.
If you sent me a note but your entries aren't featured, you've either forgotten to link to the actual entry, failed to fill out the form properly, or something else along those lines.
Please send me a new note with all the correct information filled out and I'lll add it.

I will give you guys 2 days to make sure everything is okay before I proceed on to judging! :)


New update! Please read under "Classes"
It'll make my life so much easier.

Running: February 3rd - February 28th
Event Type: Headshot show
Class/Classes: Up to you! + Kissing Booth
Restrictions: Valentine's theme.

This show is sanctioned with Norwegian-Warmblood, so your NWB is awarded 0.5 extra KP upon entering!

HS Valentine's Headshot Show

What is this?! Why have I not seen a single Valentines show this year? Either I'm blind, or the HARPG community is missing out!
I realize the deadline is already really close, so I've decided to make this a headshot-only show. I'm sure you guys can conjure up some time to paint a lovely portrait of your horse in a span of 3 weeks if you really want to!
There is also a special class for those sexy steeds and lovely lady horses that are pros at giving kisses!  



❤ Only headshots, 3/4 shots and full bodies are not accepted.
❤ This is Valentine's themed, so please keep this in mind. Can be anything from pink tack, to a red color palette, to your horse carrying a rose! Be as creative as you can!
❤ Points will not be taken off if you draw your horse rearing/bucking/knocking a pole, etc.
❤ No pre-registration required. Just send your entry to me in a :note: when it is done.
❤ Extra images are not required, and will not give you extra points. However, they are always lovely to see!
❤ Stories are not required, and will not give you extra points.
❤ Traced images will most likely not be the winning entry. However if you still wish to do so go for it, but remember to give credit where it is due. If I suspect you've done so and you don't give credit, do not expect to place well.
❤ A colored, shaded entry is a must.
❤ 2 entries max per person!
❤ PDD accepted, but each person has to draw their own entry entirely. So one person still submits their own entry.
❤ You do not HAVE to make a background, but it is doubtful that you will still place without one. No photo backgrounds please. The background is completely up to you, just keep in mind that you are in Norway during the peak of wintertime.  
❤ Fantasy breeds are welcome.
❤ You must own the horse to show it!
❤ Tack & equipment up to you.
❤ You do not have to braid manes and tails, but please make your horse look presentable!
❤ Horses/ponies and riders can be any age.


Up to you!
Draw your horse doing what he's best at!
If a lot of people enter in the same class, I will divide the entries up.

:new: In your artist's comments, please fill out the following form:
Horse Reference -
Breed -
Discipline -

Kissing Booth
Draw your horse showing us his best smooch! It doesn't matter if he's kissing his handler, another horse, or the camera!  
:star: If you draw another horse, he is only there as a prop, much like the camera or handler. There is only one horse eligible for placing. Please make sure to state this on your entry.


❤ Effort (1-10 points)
❤ Creativity (1-10 points)
❤ Shading (1-5 points)
❤ Background (1-5 points)
❤ Valentine's theme (1-5 points)
❤ How it all comes together (1-5 points)


want to donate something? please click the link above to donate points, or :note: me to donate art

Headshot Class

First Place
100 :points: - TackRack
25 :points: - broomstick88
20 :points: - Horsechik4evr
Norwegian-Warmblood token or simple painting of your horse - TackRack
Shaded portrait - AnimalArtKingdom
Cell shaded headshot - Eternityspool
Flatcolor fullbody - Yumpy
Fullbody with ribbon & trophy - Horsechik4evr
Full Body - 3101996

Second Place
100 :points: - TackRack
Colored sketch of your horse - TackRack
Halfbody with ribbon & trophy - Horsechik4evr
Sketchy colored chibi - 0cto4ttack

Third Place
75 :points: - TackRack
Detailed headshot with ribbon & trophy - Horsechik4evr

Kissing Booth

First Place
150 :points: - TackRack
Norwegian-Warmblood token or simple painting of your horse - TackRack
Shaded portrait - AnimalArtKingdom
Cell shaded headshot - Eternityspool
Headshot - Stillre
Colored & shaded headshot - bobdebob97

Second Place
100 :points: - TackRack
Colored sketch of your horse - TackRack
Headshot - 3101996

Third Place
75 :points: - TackRack
Sketchy full body - breyersnstuff

See you there! :eyes:

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blanjojo Mar 14, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
:la: I guess now the judging begins?
I have made a results journal :)
blanjojo Mar 14, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
On my way! ^^
Oreadez Mar 11, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Getting excited!
I'm going to start judging in two days after everyone has gotten the chance to check their entries :)
FuenferDagegen Mar 11, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
did I send you both pic's?:$ I'm not sure.
If there is something missing please send it again :)
can i make a entry today ?
No, the show ended a few days ago.
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